Excel WBS and Gantt Chart - XLGantt How to #12 – Integration with Excel Features

You can include the formulas and functions of Excel in XLGantt.

1. Display project information using functions provided by XLGantt

You can add rows above the title and use the functions provided by XLGantt to display the project start date, etc. at the range you want.

XLGantt(Excel Gantt) – Integration with Excel Features


Functions provided by XLGantt

  • xlgantt.ProjectName(): Get project name
  • xlgantt.ProjectStartDate(): Get project start date
  • xlgantt.ProjectFinishDate(): Get project finish date
  • xlgantt.ProjectPlanProgress(): Get planned progress of project(Planned %Work Complete)
  • xlgantt.ProejctActualProgress(): Get actual progress of project(%Work Complete)
  • xlgantt.ProjectProgressString(): Get project progress summary information
  • xlgantt.CommentOnHeadArea(): Get comment to display at the top of the Schedule sheet


2. Add columns and enter Excel formulas

You can add columns and enter formulas.

For example, you can easily track the progress of the project by adding the SPI column as follows.

XLGantt(Excel Gantt) – Integration with Excel Features

*SPI(Schedule Performance Index): The Schedule Performance Index indicates how efficiently you are actually progressing compared to the planned project schedule.


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