Excel WBS and Gantt Chart - XLGantt How to #1 - Getting Started With XLGantt

To use XLGantt(Excel Gantt), please follow the steps below.

1) Download zip file

After downloading, unzip and use the "XLGantt_v4.7.0_20210530_Release_ENG.xlsm" file.

Note: It is recommended that you do not download an xlgantt file on sites other than xlworks homepage because the file may be changed or may contain a virus.


2) Enable Editing

After downloading the XLGantt file, press "Enable Editing" button.


3) Enable Content

If you see a security warning related to using macros, click the "Enable Content" button.


4) Enter Dates

Clear all tasks entered as examples and enter tasks. Please enter only the start and finish date of the subtasks.


5) Update Schedule

Click the "Update Schedule" button on the "XLGantt - Project Scheduler" ribbon menu.


6) XLGantt automatically calculates …

When you enter task names, start and finish dates, and %work complete values, XLGantt automatically calculates the tasks durations, planned %work complete values.


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