About us

We have been developing VBA programs to shorten work hours and increase efficiency since 2015. All VBA programs are free and no installation is required, just download and open the file.


VBA Programs

Program Features Last updated version Supported languages
XLGantt Designed to enable project scheduling in Microsoft Excel.

  • WBS and Gantt chart
  • Keeping track of project progress
  • Analysis Report
  • Managing Schedule Changes
  • Deliverables
  • Adding Tasks to Microsoft Outlook
  • Color Theme, etc
4.7.0 English, Korean
XLMultimail Sends multiple emails with customised contents and attachements from Excel through Microsoft Outlook. 2.0.0 English, Korean
XLMerge Merges multiple Excel files into one Excel file. 1.5.0 Korean Only
XLRandom Extractor Extracts test questions randomly from the list of test questions. 3.1.0 Korean Only


Our story

  • We launched xlworks.net(https://xlworks.net) Korean blog for Excel VBA program, functions, etc in May 2015.
  • We launched xlworks.io(https://xlworks.io) English blog for VBA program in June 2021.
  • XLGantt version 1.0.0 released in December 2016.
  • XLGantt version 4.7.0 released in May 2021.
  • XLMultimail version 1.0.0 released in November 2017.
  • XLMultimail version 2.0.0 released in February 2022.
  • XLMerge version 1.0.0 released in March 2020.
  • XLMerge version 1.5.0 released in May 2020.
  • XLRandom Extractor 1.0.0 released in December 2019.
  • XLRandom Extractor 3.1.0 released in January 2022.




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